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Automate your e-bundle workflow through our purpose built web platform.


Maximise efficiency and save time with Bundlecorp

Effortless Bundle Creation

Upload documents from your desktop, cloud, or file management system and easily organise them in compliance with court directions.

Intuitive Index Generation

Create comprehensive and clear indecis, with automated functions for internal approval and external agreement.

Automated Cross-Referencing

Our proprietary algorithm is designed to convert static PDFs into dynamically linked and cross-referenced documents, effortlessly connecting pleadings with rearranged exhibits.

Efficient Distribution

Publish bundles to all relevant parties including Judges, opposing legal teams and clients, ensuring swift access and review.

Seamless Team Collaboration

Work collaboratively with your legal team on documents within the bundle, streamlining communication and productivity.

Easy Bundle Supplementation

Keep your bundles up-to-date with a single-click supplement and re-publish function, ensuring you're always working with the latest information.

Why Bundlecorp?

Time Saving.

Experience unparalleled time savings with our platform which streamlines the bundling process, allowing you to focus more on case building and less on administrative burdens.

Litigation Agility

BundleCorp’s dynamic and purpose built web platform allows for easy updates, while retaining vital features like indexing, pagination, automated hyperlinks, and our seamless collaboration functionality.

Go Green

Transitioning to a purpose-built platform for digital bundles not only enhances efficiency by offering firms and clients significant time and cost savings, but it also presents substantial environmental benefits by reducing CO2 emissions associated with printing, copying and transporting physical bundles.

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"It does everything I need to create bundles, and the interface is so user-friendly!"


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"The cross-referencing function alone saves days of work."


Litigation Assistant, Birmingham

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